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Abdul Aziz Carew, a dedicated and strong supporter of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) was on Friday 14th July, 2017, confirmed dead after according to family sources, he was admitted at Satellite Hospital in Freetown, when he earlier got at attack. Abdul Aziz Carew, SLPP District chairman in Constituency 104 (Fourah Bay, Ginger Hall and Kossoh Town communities) was a dedicated member of the SLPP PAOPA fraction, and 2012 Member of Parliament candidate for the constituency. He was a resident of Canton Street, off Salvage Square, Fourah Bay Community. Abdul Aziz Carew was a Muslim and yesterday Sunday 16th,July 2017, there was a laying out ceremony for him between 10:00-11:30AM at the SLPP National Headquarters. That was followed by another laying out at his residence at Canton Street, off Salvage Square. He was finally interment at the Aku Muhammadan, Fourah Bay Cemetery, Kennedy Street, Freetown, immediately after the 4 ‘O’ prayer."

Chairman…SLPP Member in Constituency 104; Aziz Carew is Dead!As PAOPA Mourns Strong, Dedicated and Selfless Chairman…SLPP Member in Constituency 104; Aziz Carew is Dead!

Five new ambassadors from Cote D’Ivoire, Senegal, Morocco, United Arab Emirates and Indonesia presented their letters of credence to His Excellency President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma at State House this morning Friday, 14th July 2017, to mark the beginning of their mission in Sierra Leone. The President reiterated the country’s determination to strengthen the economic, social and cultural cooperation between Sierra Leone and their respective countries. As Chair of the African Union Committee of Ten Heads of State and Government on the Reform of the United Nations Security Council, President Koroma also canvassed the support of the newly accredited ambassadors for the Common African Position as espoused in the Ezulwini Consensus and Sirte Declaration. A quarter guard was mounted by a detachment of the 1st Infantry Battalion of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF)"

President Koroma receives five new ambassadorsSierra Leone News : President Koroma receives five new ambassadors

Prominent female Sate Prosecutor in the case between the state and Chairman and Leader of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray and other, has said “I never abused my colleague’s mother.” Umu Sumaray Esq made this statement yesterday Sunday 15th July 2017, during a telephone call interview with Awareness Times Newspaper whilst reacting to social media reports that alleged the prominent female prosecutor abused the mother of one of the male defense lawyers. When explaining, Umu Sumaray Esq said, “whilst we were in court last Thursday, I presented my witness. During the cross-examination, Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai, Lead Defense Lawyer, referred to my witness as an APC thug.” The erudite female State Prosecutor added “On three occasions he referred to my witness as a thug sent by the APC to attack his client. I objected to that and I said as far as I was concerned he was just prevaricating.” At this juncture, the female State Prosecutor said he asked if she could refer to the accused as a thug, then what would be of the court hearing. Therefore, she said, she stood her grounds to protect her client against being intimidated by the defense lawyer. Umu Sumaray Esq added that as she was about to protect the right of her client then Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai Esq made harsh remarks at her, saying “he told me that as a fifty year old I don’t know how to behave and that I am unbrought up.” Umu Sumaray Esq further stated that at this point of the argument in court, and as a result of the statement made against her by the defense lawyer, stating that she is “unbrought up” that she then commented “I told him that the way he has been abusing me in court l suppose that’s the way he talks to his mother. So did l abuse his mother? No. If you tell me that I say I am fifty and I can’t comport myself and can’t behave well and that I am unbrought up, that was when I said, oh yes because that’s the way you talk to your mother.” Meanwhile, it could be recalled that Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai in a social media post alleged “I was cross examining a witness she had led in examination in chief and she gave several unfavourable undertones. I told her it was unprofessional and wrong for her to do so. She retorted that she was older than me and I should not talk to her ‘anyhow.’ That I should be talking to my mother not her.” Against this backdrop, Umu Sumaray Esq said that that allegations made against her are completely bias and they are geared towards tarnishing her long earned reputation. She said, “Those who know me well will definitely not believe that I will do such a thing.” She assured that she is very focused and that actions of such are just about tarnishing her long standing reputation as an outstanding female lawyer."

Sierra Leone NewsSierra Leone News :“I never abused my colleague’s mother,” Female State Prosecutor Rubbishes Fake Social Media Reports

When African leaders met in Addis Ababa for the 29th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union Summit from 3rd July to 4th July, 2017, they took an important decision that will have great impact on international peace and security in the future . They unanimously endorsed the 19th report of the Committee of 10 African Heads of State on the ongoing negotiations for the reform of the UN Security Council. The decision of the African heads of state meant a successful outcome for the C-10 Heads of State Consultative Summit held in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea from 14th to 17th May, 2017. The endorsement in Addis was an approval of the significant decisions of C-10, spearheaded by President Ernest Koroma, during the consultative conference with his peers in Malabo. By endorsing the report with acclaim , the AU leaders were expressing profound confidence in the diplomatic capabilities of C-10 President Koroma, as well as giving full marks to the President for his leadership role in successfully steering C-10, which is a committee mandated to canvass, promote and propagate the Common African Position on the UN Security Council Reform Negotiations. According to Ambassador Adikalie Foday Sumah, Sierra Leone’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, who was at both Malabo and Addis , the unanimous adoption of the 19th Report , which contained the decisions and recommendations of C10 at the Malabo Consultative Conference, was a reflection of the tremendous respect AU leaders have for President Koroma and the total approval of his leadership of C10. It was also a further demonstration of the fact that C10 is in very capable and competent hands and that the future of the Common African Position is becoming brighter every day since President Koroma assumed the role of Chair of c-10 in 2007 when he became President of Sierra Leone. African news outlets which covered the Malabo Consultative Conference lauded President Koroma’s staunch stand for speedy progress in charting the way forward for Africa in the Security Council Reform Negotiations. The Namibia Broadcasting Corporation ( NBC ), the African News, the Lusaka Times and the Zambia Daily Mail all reported about President Koroma’s strong and unequivocal stand that the historic injustice to Africa needs to be urgently addressed and the continent given the full representation it deserves at both categories ( Permanent and Non-Permanent ) of the United Nations Security Council . According to NBC, “Koroma told the gathering that the options are; that seats are made available with equal voting powers – or voting powers are scrapped in total. He further noted that more drastic actions are needed, as it has been 12 years that Africa has been calling for reform. The Committee of Ten argues that suitable seats on the UN Security Council, is the only way to reflect Africa’s right to redress historical injustices done to the continent. “ At Malabo, C10, in cooperation with President Koroma’s stance , decided that the Common African Position as espoused in Ezulwini Consensus and the Sirte Declaration continue to be the only viable option to redress the historical injustice done to the African Continent and the reform of the UN Security Council should be comprehensive in accordance with Decision 62/557 of the UN General Assembly. Secondly, C-10 stressed the critical importance for heightened engagement with the Permanent Members of the UN Security Council. Thirdly, C-10 instructed the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the C-10 to come up with a proposed DECISION on a progressive approach for advancing the Common African Position on UN reform process, to be tabled at the AU Assembly in July 2017. President Koroma’s performance at the Equatorial Guinea consultative Conference drew commendation right there in the Communique signed by the C-10 heads of state , which highly praised the President, in the following words : “The Heads of State commended the efforts of the Coordinator, H.E. Dr Ernest Bai Koroma for his strong leadership and commitment in spearheading the pursuit of the C-10 mandate and advancing the objectives of the Common African Position on the reform of the United Nations Security Council.” President Koroma’s determination to have the wheels of the reform negotiations accelerated fruitfully saw him sending his Foreign Minister, Dr. Samura Kamara, to New York last month to hold discussions with the AU Permanent Representatives at the UN as a follow-up on his request for greater integration of the African Union Commission and African institutions into the negotiations. President Koroma is not only a star at home , whatever could be said by his detractors about the challenges facing the nation. He is also an international star and his name will forever be engraved in the annals of the AU for the exceptional work he has done for Africa as Chair of C-10, which will eventually address the historical injustice to the continent with Africa ultimately represented in the Permanent and Non-Permanent Categories of the UN Security Council . Credit will also be given to the competent men he has at the Sierra Leone Permanent Missions in New York and Addis, his foreign ministers and the Permanent Representatives of C10 at the UN, as well as the experts. It may happen during the tenure of the President or it might not; but whatever the case, President Koroma and his team have already entered the hall of fame and victory for the brilliant initiatives they have masterminded in the negotiations to reform the UN Security Council. In Part 11, I will examine the decisions taken by C-10 and endorsed by the AU leaders and then look at the road map to their implementation. A plan of action will be taken during the big C10 retreat scheduled for August. It must be noted with pride to the nation that the proposed big push for the implementation of the decisions of the C10 , which will start with an engagement of the 5 Permanent Members of the UN Security Council , was a novel idea of Ambassador Sumah , as we will discuss also in Part 11."

AU leaders give President Koroma full marksNEWS AU leaders give President Koroma full marks for his outstanding role as major player in the UN Security Council Reform negotiations

Abdul Kabia Youth Activist Reporter Despite a century of government reforms, nothing much has changed at all levels of governance. ( My Vote, My Life) campaign by Institute for Governance (IGR) Reforms ahead of the 2018 elections points out solid awareness messages of civic education among other things. This campaign require all to stick with coherent strategy directed towards the improvement of social service delivery in all spheres of life. Our democracy should leads us to make frequent changes in leadership, and new policy makers or duty bearers must overcome the tendency of lip service , which has been the case over the years and to date. If politicians can locate young people during election campaign to canvass for votes, why can't they use similar approach to tackled youth unemployment headlong with their resources and focus on improving the lives of these young people. Attempting to assess present-day Sierra Leone, historians of the next century will no doubt fall back on Charles Darwin's theory " Survival of the Fittest , that at least captures the spirit of the prevalence of predicament now unfolding. Even in the best of times criticism serves only one legitimate function to stimulate change, without that objective, it is cynical and counter productive. We do have problems to solve.The simple fact remains that Sierra Leone's governance faces a productivity crisis. This assertion is neither name-calling nor carping criticism. Constructive criticism is the lifeblood of healthy organisations, just as it is the keystone of democracy. With it, conditions may be improved, without it, progress never occurs. It is the engine of change and renewal. We have lost our edge, and that poses dire consequences for our county's future. Apparently, our politicians are not working enough to meet present-day demands.Moreover, standing still while countries on the Continent make giant steps forward. We have spent the better part of the last decade grappling to improve social service delivery that augurs well for the future. But somewhere along the line we confused short lived development and sustainable development , they are not even close The bottom line is we must translate passion for improving social service delivery Durable solution don't just appear from nowhere and then disappear again at night. It all boils down to repetition which brings perfection. Youth Activist. Abdul Kabia! Reporter: Beware of the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.The bottom line is we must translate passion for improving social service delivery Durable solution don't just appear from nowhere and then disappear again at night. It all boils down to Reporter: Beware of the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. No one will really understand politics until they understand that politicians are not trying to solve our problems, they're trying to solve their own problems of which getting elected and re-elected are number one and number two. Whatever is number three is far behind. They will say all sort of things in the course of campaigns to canvass for votes. Present day Tanzania is seeing unprecedented turnaround because of good and selfless leadership. The politics of deceit must stop , it has not helped our nation and never will. We are blessed with the richest and overflowing deposits of diamonds, yet poverty remains unacceptably high among many households. Let's checkmate how we lavish our nation's cash in counter productive ventures day in, day out. What the nation is witnessing today is the direct cost of neglect. Our democracy now has a big question mark so to speak. And this is making Sierra Leone an object of paradox discourse. Youth Activist. Abdul Kabia! [7/6, 12:11 AM] Dulse Reporter: THE BALLOT IS STRONGER THAN THE BULLET. Please Fellow Youth. What good do we realize from the decisions we make every election year? Do we get better or bitter after the election? Our choice of leadership should be made in full awareness of the nation we want to see, and who or which arrangement that will truly make our dreams and aspirations come true. The dream of a prosperous nation, the dream of getting a workable social security and insurance scheme, the dream of having a clean and safe drinking water, the dream of seeing our graduates gainfully employed, the dream of having a buoyant economy and the dream of having a contemporary education that answers questions of the our time. Hello youth of mother Sierra Leone we have a owe this nation a sacred duty! A duty to see that our decisions on elections day usher honest servants and not looters. Employment Exchange. In Sierra Leone there is a lot being talked about development. But time and again development is just seen as economic growth, which is simply one aspect of the whole-some Looking closely at the Sierra Leonean society in the context of development. livelihood among other things is widely perceived as a clear cut definition for development.Sustainable development is a subject of increasing interest to us all. Practically, it is about Reporter:Abdul Kabia Youth Activist repetition which brings perfection. Youth Activist. Abdul Kabia!"

Abdul Kabia Youth Activist ReporterDespite a century of government

Mamie Gibila travelled across choppy waters for almost four hours last week to reach a hospital. She was midway through labour with twins. The first baby was born at home, but she was unable to deliver the second and urgently needed medical attention. Gibila lives in the town of Mina in the district of Bonthe, which comprises several islands off Sierra Leone, and the closest hospital is 105 nautical miles away. The journey, she says, was foul. When she arrived, it was too late to save her second baby. This was her third pregnancy and her new baby boy, not yet named, is her second living child. She says she is 26 years old, but the doctor is sceptical. “From the looks of her she is less than 19 years,” says Dr Samuel Massaquoi, the district medical officer in Bonthe. The district – where nine doctors serve 200,000 people spread across several islands that are not easily reached – illustrates the extreme challenges facing maternal health in Sierra Leone. The country has one of the world’s highest teenage pregnancy and maternal mortality rates. A third of girls aged 15-19 have children, and less than half (44%) of all births are attended by a nurse or midwife. Poor access to medical facilities and a lack of trained midwives mean that for every 100,000 births, 1,165 mothers die. Half of them are teenagers. Just over a year since the country was declared free of Ebola, the government has pledged to prioritise fixing the dire state of maternal and sexual health services. One of its aims is to increase the proportion of women using contraceptives, from 23% to 33.7% by 2022. “The targets are ambitious but they’re only ambitious because of where we are [as a country],” says Dr Kim Eva Dickson, the UN population fund (UNFPA) country representative. “Are they ambitious compared with where the country should be globally? Not really,” she says. Still, the country faces an uphill battle. When the Ebola epidemic began in 2014, social services collapsed and schools were closed for almost an entire academic year. As health teams focused their efforts on disease control, family planning services ground to a halt. In a year, 18,000 teenage girls became pregnant – a “huge spike”, says Dickson. To make matters worse, global commodity prices plummeted, further battering the country’s fragile economy. As aid money was redirected towards Ebola, and humanitarian crises elsewhere, funding for family planning fell sharply. Over the past three years, the amount allocated to the UNFPA for family planning in Sierra Leone has fallen by more than half from $3,503,000 in 2014 to $1,358,260 this year. Last week, at a global family planning summit in London, Melinda Gates, the American philanthropist, said she was “deeply troubled” by Donald Trump’s decision to stop US funding for international family planning. The US has also cut support for the UNFPA, which faces a $700m shortfall until 2020. “For this year we’re OK, but we don’t know where we’ll be in November,” says Dickson, adding that the agency pays for 95% of contraceptives in the country. “We’re looking to the Nordics, Sweden, Norway. We were hoping for the UK but we don’t know – with a change of government, Brexit, it is a big problem.” Guardian Morning Briefing - sign up and start the day one step ahead Read more Already, important services are being scrapped. Clinics that are unsafe and in need of renovation have been left untouched, while activities aimed at raising awareness and creating a demand for family planning have been slashed. In Bonthe, a boat service that offered family planning stopped running in December 2016. Before, a team used the boat to provide contraceptives to communities on the remote islands, and take people to hospital. Now, family planning services are sparse and it’s even harder for patients to get help. “In these island communities people don’t come to the hospital until they are deeply sick,” says Amara Lebbie, who is in charge of outreach at Marie Stopes Sierra Leone. The boat, which cost $35,000, didn’t just save lives, it built trust. “You cannot provide family planning to people who feel frustrated, people who feel they have lost their mother or daughter because somebody didn’t respond to take them to the hospital,” he says. In these island communities people don’t come to the hospital until they are deeply sick Amara Lebbie of Marie Stopes Building relationships is essential in places where myths about contraception are still common. Mary Magdalene Koroma, 18, who lives on Sherbro island, and who has had a contraceptive implant since she was 16, says few of her peers use family planning. “My friends said that if you start taking the pills you won’t be able to have children even in the future. And they don’t want to be faced with that,” she says. Koroma’s mother, Alice, encouraged her daughter to use contraception because she wants to ensure that nothing jeopardises her education. Many of Koroma’s friends are now pregnant, which means they are excluded from school until after they have given birth. Even then, many will not have the money to continue studying. Not all parents think like Koroma’s mother. Standing outside a packed community hall in the capital Freetown, where a family planning outreach session is being held, Gladys Goba, programme coordinator at the Planned Parenthood Association, says some young people will use contraception without their parents’ knowledge, especially if they are from very religious families. “Some say I want the captain band [an implant in the arm] because they will not see me taking the pill every day, they will not see me having an injection every three months. It’s easy and the parents don’t see the arms of their child,” she says. “That’s why the young people are coming [now],” adds Humama Kagbo, mommy queen, a woman leader, in the Dwarzak community. She points to the trickle of young people coming through the door: “They don’t want to get caught.” Earlier in the day it was mostly older people waiting in queues; now teenagers are arriving for contraception and reggae music has started pumping from the hall. Young volunteers at the PPA are using WhatsApp and Facebook, as well as visits to communities, to spread the word. Health workers are also asking local priests and imams to raise awareness, with mixed results. There are still some taboos, says Goba. “There’s a perception that when a female gives a male a condom she’s a prostitute.” But attitudes are changing. When the outreach visits first started three years ago, some women would hide visits from their husbands – now men are more involved."

End of Ebola sparks crisis for Sierra Leone’s teen mumsA year after the country was declared free of the virus, maternity care and family planning remain starved of funding

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A new report from Buzzfeed News details an alleged “cult” run by R&B singer R. Kelly. The extensive piece, written by Jim DeRogatis, quotes distressed parents who have expressed concern about their daughters relationship with the Chicago native. DeRogatis also speaks with three former employees of Kelly, who corroborate the parents concerns that Kelly houses, and abuses the lives of, six women living in Chicago and Atlanta. Parents J. and Tim explain to DeRogatis that after previously meeting with the 50-year-old singer under the guise of music industry mentorship, R. Kelly flew their 19-year-old daughter out to a show in 2015. Since then, J. and Tim have only heard from her twice and the parents have been fighting for her return since they last saw her in 2016. Two other parents featured in the report make similar claims. In the chilling report, three folks within Kelly’s circle—Cheryl Mack, Kitti Jones, and Asante McGee—explain that the singer dictates every aspect of the girls lives: “what they eat, how they dress, when they bathe, when they sleep, and how they engage in sexual encounters that he records” and if rules are broken, they are punished verbally and sexually. The women are not technically considered missing persons because of age of consent laws. Though this story is new, DeRogatis has been reporting on Kelly for the better part of two decades. He most famously reported about sexual assault accusations and lawsuits filed against Kelly for The Chicago Reader—and turned over a 30 minute video anonymously left in his mailbox that later resulted in Kelly being charged with creating child pornography in 2013. The recent revelations have caused “R. Kelly” to trend on Twitter. Many people have spent the morning expressing their disgust and concern, while also referring to DeRogatis previous work to expose the nefarious side of the singer."

R. Kelly allegedly holding multiple women in a ‘cult’R. Kelly allegedly holding multiple women in a ‘cult’

By Graphic Showbiz Although actress Christabel Ekeh and her family say her nude pictures which have been making rounds on social media for the past week is introducing the “new Christabel” and advocating for women to embrace their body types regardless, her mother, Madam Emma Odoom insists Ghanaians pray for and with her daughter. In addition to that, Madam Odoom is pleading with Ghanaians to stop insulting, calling her daughter names and talking about things they do not know about. According to Madam Odoom, there is nothing mentally wrong with her daughter and that Ghanaians should pray and rally behind her so that whatever she is doing, will be successful instead of trolling her on the Internet. “I think people should pray for my girl instead of circulating her pictures online. I wonder what they hope to achieve by doing that. Why would they engage themselves in things they know nothing about? Christabel is working and she needs our love, support and prayers to succeed,” she said in an interview with Showbiz last Saturday. “My daughter is a very decent girl, she was brought up well and cannot do anything she knows will tarnish her image. She is not sick and does not need any psychological treatment or help as people are saying out there,“ she added. “I can only say that, as a mother, I should support my children in anything they do, I need to love them and pray that whatever they touch would go well. That is where my fulfillment lies,” she noted. When asked if she personally thinks, it was appropriate for the Before Noon actress to take such pictures in the first place, Madam Odoom said, “like I said earlier, it is work related. She is a model too and sometimes due to the nature of their work and who they are in society, they need to take on some campaigns and loving your body is one of them” she said. Since she said people do not really know her daughter, Madam Odoom was asked to describe Christabel Ekeh and this is what she said, “Christabel is the first of my three children. She is very cool, intelligent, loving and respectful. She is kind and is very passionate about the things of God, which is how I brought her up.” “Her siblings look up to her and she disciplines them when they go wrong. She uses the least chance she gets to spend time with them, advising them to take their education serious and grow to become society changers,” she added. Christabel Ekeh has been criticised and lambasted since last week for releasing more than 18 nude pictures of herself on an Instagram page that bears her name. While some of her fans believed her account was hacked, others took to social media to express their disappointment in the Potomanto actress for posting such photos. The hacking ascertion was later debunked by the actress herself who says displaying the nude pictures of herself on social media was a way of introducing to the world the “new Christabel.” Christabel who has Nigerian father and a Ghanaian mother, came into the limelight at the age of 17 when she participated in the 2008 edition of Miss Malaika Ghana beauty pageant where she came second. She later followed it up with a modeling and acting career. She has featured in movies like Peep, Potomanto, Before Noon, College Girls, Afia and Friends, The Battle, Sweet Mistake, Wrong Target and a host of others."

My daughter is not sick – Christabel Ekeh’s mumMy daughter is not sick – Christabel Ekeh’s mum

By Slow Food International The United States is joining Slow Food’s extensive worldwide network of chefs committed to cooking and promoting products from the Presidia, Ark of Taste and other communities of local producers. The Slow Food Chefs' Alliance project already has hundreds of members in 19 countries (Albania, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, the Netherlands, Uganda, the United Kingdom and Russia), making the USA the 20th country to join. The US Slow Food Chefs' Alliance was officially launched during the international Slow Food Nations event (Denver, July 14-16). Already 31 chefs have joined. “The Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance is a really good Slow Food project, especially because chefs are at the forefront of food and they decide what people are going to eat,” said Kevin Mitchell, the first African-American chef-instructor at the Culinary Institute of Charleston in South Carolina. “Adopting the Slow Food philosophy of good, clean and fair in the kitchen is essential since food is related to so many things, such as the environment, health and education. The Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance is a great thing not only for Slow Food USA but also for Slow Food internationally because it’s a mutual exchange of knowledge among chefs all over the world. I am proud to be part of this.” Chefs have a fundamental role to play in safeguarding the biological and cultural diversity of our food. They interpret the histories and ecosystems of their regions with skill and creativity, supporting local producers while awakening eaters to the role we all play as custodians of biodiversity. The Slow Food Chefs' Alliance is a network uniting chefs around the world who are committed to defending and celebrating biodiversity, food traditions, local cultures and artisan food producers. Slow Food is a global grassroots organization that envisions a world in which all people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, good for those who grow it and good for the planet. Slow Food involves over a million activists, chefs, experts, youth, farmers, fishers and academics in over 160 countries. Among them, a network of around 100,000 Slow Food members are linked to 1,500 local chapters worldwide, contributing through their membership fee, as well as the events and campaigns they organize. As part of the network, more than 2,400 Terra Madre food communities practice small-scale and sustainable production of quality food around the world."

Slow Food Chefs' Alliance Comes To The USASlow Food Chefs' Alliance Comes To The USA

By Corruption And Fraud Audit Consortium (CAFAC) The Corruption and Fraud Audit Consortium (CAFAC) of Ghana wishes to lend its voice to the ongoing debate about the towing of disabled vehicles in Ghana and the best way to finance the program. The CEO of CAFAC, Hector Boham is a consultant with the New Jersey Turnpike Authority and believes that the program utilized by the Authority which has worked effectively for decades will bring some critical insights and solutions to the Ghanaian dilemma. It would seem to me that the most controversial issue in the raging debate centers around the question of whether paying for the towing of vehicles should be the responsibility of the incidental vehicle owner or it should be paid by all motorists along the lines of an insurance policy. I can say on authority that the NJTA program makes the incidental vehicle owner, responsible for paying for the cost of towing and any other incidental expenses such as storage beyond a certain grace period. It seems that many years ago, NJTA made the decision that it will not make the entire driving public pay for the financial cost of the acts of a private vehicle owner - acts which sometimes are irresponsible, such as running out of gas on the highway. The details of the NJTA program are outlined in the appendix below but I will spell them out in six simple sentences When your vehicle breaks down you have to call a designated number Assistance will come shortly thereafter The vehicle will be towed to a place chosen by the driver The driver is responsible for paying for the towing and any demurrage before his vehicle will be released Where the driver abandons the vehicle or is unable to offer a designated refuge location, the towing company(contracted with NJTA) will tow the vehicle to a local garage that has a contract with NJTA When the driver contacts NJTA, he or she will be given the address of the refuge garage. The driver will then be able to take delivery of his vehicle upon proper identification and payment of the towing and storage charges. Without taking sides in the raging debate, we at Corruption and Fraud Audit Consortium (CAFAC) Ghana, hope that this little expose will inform the debate even as the government continues to engage stakeholders with a view of reaching a win-win solution. Below are the summary details of the program for the New Jersey Turnpike. New Jersey Turnpike ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE — DIAL #95 If your vehicle becomes disabled: Move your vehicle off the roadway to the shoulder on the right. Dial #95 on your cell phone to reach the New Jersey Turnpike Authority's Operations Center and request assistance. An authorized service garage will be dispatched to assist you. If you don’t have a cell phone, turn on your hazard lights and wait for a State Police patrol. If you have a white handkerchief or some other bright cloth, display it on the outside of your vehicle, on the side facing traffic, to signal that you are in need of assistance. For your safety and the safety of others, do not attempt to flag down passing vehicles. Do not attempt to hitchhike. Picking up or discharging persons on the Turnpike is illegal. Remember that the safest place on the Turnpike is inside your vehicle with your seat belt fastened. Do not attempt to cross the highway. Do not walk along the shoulder. If you want to make your own repairs, be mindful of the danger posed by the passing traffic. If possible, use cones, flares or reflective emergency signs. TOWING AND RECOVERY RATES FOR AUTHORIZED TURNPIKE GARAGES Only authorized garages are allowed to provide towing and roadside assistance on the Turnpike. The Turnpike Authority regulates the maximum rate our authorized providers may charge for those services. General Towing and Road Service Rates Effective Wednesday, April 12th 2017 at 7:00 AM – The new Road Service Charge for Sunoco will be $60.00 USDs, plus tax. All other information remains the same until further notice. . NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE AUTHORITY TOWING AND RECOVERY RATES (Effective March 2017) MAKE CERTAIN YOU RECEIVE AN OFFICIAL AUTHORITY TOWING RECEIPT. For the safety of our motorists, only garages and Road Service vehicles authorized by the Authority are permitted to tow or perform emergency services on the New Jersey Turnpike or Garden State Parkway. TOWING AND ROAD SERVICES RATES ARE REGULATED BY THE NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE AUTHORITY. ACTUAL RATES MAY BE LESS DUE TO LOW BID SYSTEM. You can email Hector Boham at or You can also call him on 732-416-2878"

“Paying For The Cost Of Removing Disabled Vehicles From Ghana’s Roads”“Paying For The Cost Of Removing Disabled Vehicles From Ghana’s Roads”

ranscorp Hilton Hotels Abuja played host to the gathering of state governors from about 15 states across the country in recognition of their efforts towards encouraging competitiveness and good governance at the Business Day Good Governance Awards 2017 as Abia State stole the spot light with its promotion of Made In Nigeria goods. These states were recognised for boosting their respective economies showcasing their areas of comparative advantage and invariably enhancing their competitiveness and bilateral trade amongst states in a developing economy like Nigeria. The partnership between Kebbi state and Lagos state in rice production, Abia State and the Nigerian Military in production of boots just to mention a few confirms that trade partnerships across the competitive advantage of states grows the local economy of the States but more importantly it creates employment, food security, entrepreneurship and enhances inclusive growth. It is also worthy to note that these states and their governors have embraced the fact that the era of relying totally on federal allocation may soon be over and thus the need for viable alternatives in generating state revenue to meet up with recurrent and capital expenditure of their various state governments. According to the organisers of Business Day Competitiveness and Good Governance Awards, Abia State at the moment is top on the list of states which have transitted into this phase of dynamic governance module which has seen it enhance internally generated revenue, improved economic wellbeing of its citizenry, creating integration and most importantly delivering value to the masses either through its cardinal frontiers as espoused by Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu agriculture, minerals, industry, commerce or enterprise. Business Day Newspapers have therefore identified these activities as the door to self sufficiency in the near future. As the major promoter of Made in Aba products, one of the first things Governor Ikpeazu did was to take the campaign to the Legislature as the leadership have taken the message to promote it evident in the made in Aba exhibition for about two years. He also took the campaign to the Presidency where he has been given assurances of the federal government's commitment. In terms of Job Creation the Abia state governor has clearly brought in a new sense of vigour to the subject as his administration has commenced the training of some youths in China to understudy the art of making shoes and other accessories to meet international standard with exportation in mind. Aba is fast becoming one of West Africa's rising economic hubs as Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu has been described as one of the best governors in terms of the ease of doing business in Nigeria. Abia state is unarguably the best state in terms of promoting Made In Nigeria products as this campaign has won him several awards locally and internationally even though he appears not to be ready to rest on his laurels, Business Day Good Governance and Competitiveness Award 2017 is a recognision of his unrelenting desire and commitment to reshape the history of Abia State. The people of Abia state at this moment will certainly take advantage of this opportunity to become a self reliant economy if things continue to go this way as the governor and his Made In Aba brand continues to dominate the spotlight at yet another Award night."

Spotlight On Abia As Ikpeazu's Made In Aba Tops At Business Day AwardsSpotlight On Abia As Ikpeazu's Made In Aba Tops At Business Day Awards

Accra, July 17, GNA - The Reverend Professor Aaron Michael Oquaye, the Speaker of Parliament, is to deliver Ghana's 60th independence anniversary lecture, scheduled for Friday, August 4, 2017, at the Accra International Conference Centre, Accra. The lecture themed '4th August, Ghana's Day of Destiny,' would chronicle the events of the national liberation struggle from August 4, 1897, to the day of Ghana's independence on March 6, 1957. A delegation from the Ghana's 60th Independence Anniversary Committee, led by the Chairman, Mr Ken Amankwaa, and the Vice Mr Abu Jinapor, on Monday paid a courtesy call on the Speaker to formally invite him to deliver the lecture. The Speaker accepted the invitation. Mr Jinapor praised the Speaker, not only for his statesmanship, but also for his pedigree in academia, politics, religion and public service, explaining that the choice for the Speaker was based on those values. He explained the significance of the date in the struggle for independence, when in the Gold Coast, the name of Ghana in pre-independence, the Aborigines Rights Protection Society (ARPS), led by John Mensah Sarbah, was formed as a conglomerate of different groups of intellectuals in Cape Coast and Southern Ghana, to protect the traditional land tenure practices of the indigenous Gold Coast peoples from being usurped by the colonial government of Britain. It is on record that The Gold Coast ARPS became a voice for the rights of indigenous peoples by both broadcasting their aims in their own newspaper, Gold Coast Aborigines, and advocating on behalf of indigenous land rights by presenting the reasons for their dissent of the Lands Bill of 1897 in front of the Legislative Council. Particularly, John Mensah Sarbah, a key member of the Gold Coast ARPS and a lawyer, helped to advocate against the introduction of the Lands Bill of 1897 by arguing that it was no different from a previous, unsuccessful bill in 1894. Fifty years on, the United Gold Coast Convention was formed, and J B Danquah of the Convention chose the eagle as the emblem of the nation, and it was approved. Prof Oquaye acknowledged with thanks, the invitation, and said it was an honour to the House. He praised the courage of the nation's forebears for resisting the attempts by the colonial British to usurp Ghana's lands, as the former set out to apply land acquisition policies elsewhere in Africa to the then Gold Coast. 'But in the Gold Coast, we are not people you can easily take advantage of. Mensah Sarbah was quick to protest that Ghana's costmary land is never waste. No land in Ghana is fallow, no matter bushy,.. It belongs to a family, or an individual, for which the chief is a custodian. '...The land belongs to the dead, the living and the unborn. 'Any chief who sells land arbitrarily must be de-stooled,' Speaker Oquaye cautioned. Speaker Oquaye also praised the use of brain power by the forebears in the fight for independence."

Prof Oquaye to deliver Ghana's 60th independence anniversary lectureProf Oquaye to deliver Ghana's 60th independence anniversary lecture


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